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Meditation Stones
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   Turquoise Necklace

Big hunks of turquoise

Leather String
Round Wood Beads
2 Oval Turquoise Stones
1 Large Turquoise Center Stone

Simple wooden beads are highlighted by 3 large turquoise stones and dark wood bead side accents.

I have always appreciated and enjoyed the feeling of wood. A wood bed is better than a metal bed. A wood sword is more fun to play energy games with than a metal sword.

I didn't road test any of my wood necklaces very long. The wood beads have a varnish coating on them, but with the holes drilled through them, they are not waterproof.

I'm not sure who ended up with this necklace, but as you can see it has some really nice big matched American turquoise. I think that girls liked the wood beads more than the men, so maybe I should make a more feminine version. The wood has a calming effect, whereas the bone beads to me are a neutral but white power line.

Let me know how it works, and wears, and when it wears out -- Send it back and I'll restring it, replacing worn out beads, but keeping your main turquoise beads intact on your next necklace. I know how attached we can get to certain stones.



Meditation Stones

America's First Buddhist Rock Band, American Zen

Buddhism + Kung Fu + Tai Chi + Maharishi Mahesh Yogi + College Self Hypnosis + Science + Music have all taught me individually and collectively many aspects of meditation.

The quality of your meditation is the same level of quality as the other aspects of your life.

If you are lazy and unfocused -- your meditation will be boring and frustrating.

If you are angry and stressed -- your meditation will aggravate you.

So, you must get your life and energies in balance BEFORE you meditate.

Those classes and instructors who claim to heal or improve peoples's lives with meditation and yoga are mostly inept and ignorant. Like a chiropractor, they may want you to feel good for a minute, but your life is unchanged the next day. A chiropractor should give you exercises and correct your bad postures so you do not need to ever see him again.

If you can learn to meditate, you can meditate almost anywhere, at any time. Before I moved to Utah, I often worked as a Union Carpenter and took my POWER NAPS every day. I was used to people thinking I was nuts, so their comments didn't bother me. But sleeping in the midday sun next to a huge roaring power generator with hammers, drills, saws... it was easy. I packed my lunch, ate it fast and always had 15 to 20 minutes of a great nap.

Those naps saved my life since I was performing in night clubs much of the time. I'd arrive at work with three or fours hours sleep, make it to lunch and get my nap. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Waking up. There was usually at least one friendly coworker who would help me out if I didn't wake up, but somehow this was never a problem. I woke up when I was supposed to and I was NEVER GROGGY.

Meditation has been a part of my life since 1967 when the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi started a Transcendental Meditation Workshop at my local San Diego Community Center. Age 13 I was dropping acid, meditating with the Yogis and wearing a bandana headband.

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