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I Didn't Make Them For You
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Shaman Necklace

Coyote is The Folk Rock Troubadour

I Didn't Make Them For You

Each year the Gem Faire came to Salt Lake City, Utah.

I hit every one. With what little money I had, I bought up all the best turquoise I could find. A few pounds of various bone beads from India would be my fillers.

Tandy Leather was where I got my leather supplies and handpicked the best leather strands. I touched, I pulled and stretched, tested breaking points... I felt everything before I purchased it...

I was making magic necklaces for me. I got a Dremmel electric high speed drill and learned how to use jeweler's wax to hold the stones in place, underwater, as I drilled holes in them...

Each piece of turquoise was always handpicked by me after touching it and trusting my intuition. My goal was to add turquoise to my neck area. I was singing in the night clubs as a soloist, singing on my two albums or practicing daily to be ready to record, and well -- I was trained in opera singing by Gwent Lewis. So I learned all the paranoias of not drinking cold drinks, salt gargles, and warding off any throat illness as if it were the Black Plague.

It seemed that if I picked the right stones and minerals, my voice was protected and strengthened.

Those vocals on LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind and the Utah vocals on LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer were all sung wearing my turquoise necklaces.

The vocals on LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me..

I am about to cut the vocals for LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy. I was planning on making a trip to storage this week for my Dremel drill so I can grind off the aluminum shrink on some engine tubes I need to replace...and I JUST NOW realized that I will also grab my stones collection and make myself a brand new necklace for my next album.

Look for pictures of me during 2009 wearing a necklace. It will be the one I am about to make.

Coyote HEAD LOGOLove,


    Turquoise Necklace

Utah Phase 1 Poetry Book by The Hippy Coyote

Leather String
3 Medium Turquoise Stones
Tubular Bone Beads
Round Bone Beads

My most popular design during the 90s. Girls and guys love this one.
I made several of these and had one for myself.

American turquoise with Indian bone bead on a THICK LEATHER STRING.

I designed this for myself, as a singer. The three turquoise stones create a soothing and protective energy for the voice. The picture above is MY NECKLACE that I wore for many months. You can see the discoloration of the beads and how they have started to crack from me wearing all day long, to Kung Fu classes, to nightclub gigs, and in the shower. The leather strands are darkened also from extensive use. This isi one of my 'retired necklaces,' but don't think I boxed it up to auctioned.



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