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Zen Head

As I mentioned in the ABOUT COYOTE MYSTICWEAR webpage, I used my necklaces for physical power but also for SPIRITUAL POWER.

That's okay. Most people have no idea at all what spiritual power is. After all what good is spiritual power to a cow that has all the grass it can chew.

For those of us who want to raise our heads and think of ideas and concepts beyond our immediate reach -- physical items can have some influence. It's not that my stones have any special magic powers, it's just that ALL THINGS have magic power.

What makes something "special" is whether it works for you or not. If it works it is 'special.'

So what is so special about my necklaces that made from rocks that are not very expensive?

As I said, all things have power. Before you can determine whether something is special to you, first you have to even know what 'special' is.

Here's the tough part. Just as most people could not tell the difference between a fake or real diamond without a microscope, most people cannot tell what is good or bad for them because their brain has not developed a life-microsope.

A life-microscoped is more like a metal detector combined with sonar combined with an infra-red lens. You look, you see, you feel, you think, you analyze, you make a reading. That's the best you can do.

This ability to LOOK means you have to really look -- with more than your eyes.

This ability to SEE means you actually understand what you are looking at.

The ability to FEEL is the worst ability of all humans. Your feelings are always based upon your experience, your desires, you preferences... so everyone feels different. Very inaccurate.

The ability to THINK brings a smile to my face. Sorry. When P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute," he was pointing out that most people are stupid. Sorry again, but he was right then and he's still correct now. People think what you tell them to think. As a carpenter I was insulted several times by idiot superintendants or foremen who would say, "You are not being paid to think." That sums it up. People get fired for thinking.

Analyzation. Now that's a higher level of thinking. But it requires data to work with and most people have already failed at looking, seeing, feeling, and thinking so analyzing is impossible for most people. Perhaps there brains were capable of being programmed for analyzing skills when they were young. Maybe not. Face it, people are not equal.

That means most people can't figure out what's good for them. If they could, why are they fat, lazy and stupid?

Now that I've insulted most people reading this page, what am I going to sell you?


Well, buy one of my CDs, I think that our music is good, healthy and enlightening to anyone.

But these necklaces are made for people who are ready for them and can appreciate them. If you are already sensitive your environment, in good health, with a positive seeking mind... my necklaces will help keep you on your path.

The spiritual path is in the soul, pushed by the mind, powered by the heart, and transported in your body. My necklaces help to maintain BALANCE.

Just as everything gives off energy, a 'vibe,' my stones are picked to enhance my spiritual motivations. Some of stones, like my northern California jade stones are for rebalancing my body. I hold a stone in my hand for a few minutes and I both remember my spiritual frequency and tune into the frequency of the vibration of the crystal.

My spiritual necklaces won't bring any spirituality into your world, they will merely make it easier to stay within your spiritual dimension. But if you don't have a spiritual direction then these necklaces would be like buying tires before you buy a car.

Plus, I handmake these necklaces. I don't have much time anymore for my handcrafts anymore. I used to bead my shirts and pants...

If you've got a lot of money and could really afford to visit me or bring me to where you are, I would most prefer to custom design a necklace for you. That's a fun and rewarding challenge.

Oh yeah, I started this webpage explaining that SPIRITUAL POWER is a blend of ingredients. If you've already got most of this spiritual power already, then my spiritual necklaces may be of benefit to you.

At any rate, blessings to you all. If you've read all the way to the bottom of this page, there may be hope for you yet.


   Spiritual Necklace

Utah Phase 1 Poetry Book by The Hippy Coyote

Leather String: THICK or THIN
3 Medium Turquoise Stones,
Pipe Bone,
Round Bone

A simple powerful design.

I made one of these for a Kung Fu school brother with a large center turquoise piece. It’s awesome.

If you tell me about yourself, explain your interests or what you'll be doing when you wear your necklace, or want you to improve or enhance about yourself -- I will be better able to choose stones JUST FOR YOU.

Send a picture of yourself. That might help also.

At any rate, I make every necklace so that I want to wear it. My Lakota Chief told me that, "the gift you want most is the best give to give."

So these necklaces are actually mine, and I'm selling them to you. As I make a new one, I'll make it so that I want to wear it, then I'll send it to you.



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