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Coyote Love

One of our roadies worked for a fancy schmancy tuxedo rental place. So I got a few of these used frilly shirts for free.

I've always seen myself as Robin Hood or Errol Flynn being a 3 Musketeer.

I like big fluffly bucanneer shrits. Sometimes they advertise them as 'poet shirts.'

Now that we've established my chivalrous knight in white shining army perspective of myself: I probably don't come close to what you call "romantic."

I watch people walk around in a frown, drag their feet and say, "hello," as if you're collecting tax money.

So, just as I tried to deter most people from buying my SPIRITUAL NECKLACES, I'm gonna try to talk you out of buying one of my romantic necklaces.

Much to my surprise lots of girls love my necklaces, as rough and crude as they may be. This was my motivation for finding smaller beads and using the thinner leather strings.

As for romantic, well that just means something that girls like. So I'll put some pictures of necklaces I make for girls and you can decided whether they are romantic.

Guys, if your girlfriend works for a bank, get her a gold necklace... but if she works for a health food store, she might be into one of my Coyote Mysticwear Necklaces.


Turquoise Necklace

Native American style

Leather String: THICK
Round Bone Beads
Wafer Bone Beads
4 MediumTurquoise Stones
1 Large Turquoise Center Stone

My inspiration for this was to create a snake-like necklace that would massage my neck.

This is probably more of a POWER NECKLACE than a Romantic Necklace. However, the power as I remember it, used to get me pretty horny -- so maybe this is a guy's romantic necklace.

I made several variations on this theme sometimes using a round Chinese turquoise center stone.

It depends what I have in stock. I really don't want to mass produce these necklaces, so the stones I will be using will be from my personal collection of 20 years of rock hunting.

I'd like a reason to start going to the gem faires again. Let's see how long it takes to deplete my gem and stone collection.



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