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Buddha Zhen
Zhen is Truth

BOOK #1 of Shaolin Chi Mantis:
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BOOK #1 of Shaolin Chi Mantis: TAI CHI BEGINNER

Spirit Wolf of Truth, Master ZhenIn 1992, stranded in Utah, Buddha Zhen volunteered to teach for free in a maximum security prison, Decker Lake. Isolated by marshland and several feet of snow for a mile in all directions, this oasis of Hell became a proving ground for Buddha Zhen's Tai Chi program.

15 inmates were allowed to take this class. More than twice that number signed up.

Over the next 2 months, Buddha Zhen's students showed so much improvement that many persons from the guards, to the prison psychologist, to the teachers signed a petition to get Buddha Zhen hired.

Submitted to the Governor of Utah, Buddha Zhen's Tai Chi Program became the first ever to be taught in a Utah prison. The success stories are wonderful to recall, but confidentiality won't allows us to use any names or photos of these students. The number of students that came back to prison within a year of being released was much lower than that of the other inmates who hadn't taken the Tai Chi classes. Over the next 10 years, students of Buddha Zhen had a 15% return rate instead of the normal 55% return rate of prisoners back to their cells.

This book, TAI CHI BEGINNER, was written by Buddha Zhen for this prison program. The First Edition was printed on the Jailhouse copy machine.

Rewritten over the next few years by being tested and utilized in every Tai Chi class he taught, Buddha Zhen was able to create a finely honed manual to train anyone age 6 to 60, the Shaolin Chi Mantis version of the Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form.

Book cover of SID'S PLACE, a novel by The Coyote.

Book for Building Buddhas

The FIRST interactive internet student manual in the world!

Buddha Zhen created hundreds of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Zen Buddhism webpages since acquiring his first computer in 1999. With dozens of insights, essays, and lessons in the book written by Buddha Zhen, the book would be worthwhile without any website access. However, by adding to this book the hundreds of website pages directly connected to the PDF when you view this on a computer, the book takes on a larger scope and becomes interactive with many webpages allowing feedback, downloads, purchases, and a developing website for teaching Kung Fu and Buddhism called " The Dharma Trails."

Other Books by Zhen:

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