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BOOKS            by  The Hippy Coyote                 of  AMERICAN ZEN

American Zen Headlines"American Zen" written in brush calligraphy by Master Zhen.

The Mormons Are Coming!
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Poetry Book: UTAH PHASE 1
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Poetry Book: Autumn Flavours
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Coyote Poetry Podcasts
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   BOOKS     by The Hippy Coyote

Poetry and lyrics by The Hippy Coyote in Utah.

The Mormons Are Coming!

Fortunately, they don't seem to be bothering him anymore.


These are the lyric pages used by Coyote and bandmates to record the album, LEVEL 1 = PEACE OF MIND, by American Zen, and their second album, soon-to-be-released by Shaolin Records:

Please do not buy this if you are a Mormon. Thank you.


Poetry Book:

Utah - Phase 1

Utah Phase 1 Poetry Book by The Hippy Coyote
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Formats:   PDF Download, Paperback, Hardcover
Genres:   Poetry, Lyrics

Description:   The lyrics to most of Coyote's songs are poetry worth reading without the music.

This poetry book, Utah - Phase 1, was the precursor of what would become the 8 Levels of American Zen's Buddhist Journey.

This is a scanned copy of Coyote's ORIGINAL draft with his own editorial notes about each poem handwritten on the bottom of each page.

"A Long Way Home" depicts Coyote's desire to return to California.

"Free The Change" criticizes the Mormon robotic mind.

"Simple Lady" finds Coyote remembering peaceful moments in his life to escape his discomforts.

"All Screwed Up" is the story of his girlfriend's family.

"Peace Of Mind #2" is Coyote hitchhiking near the beach of San DIego on his one trip back home, for the burial of his black sheep cousin. "I come from poverty. My parents and relatives didn't have any money to help me move back to California. It turned out to be my last visit to my homeland. After returning home, my mother sent me a nasty letter saying she had removed me from her will..."


Poetry Book:

Autumn Flavours

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote
Coyote's first book of poetry.

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Sample poem from book

Formats:   PDF Download, Paperback, Hardcover
Genres:   Poetry

Description:   Coyote graduated High School in St. John's, Newfoundland. There, on that remote arctic island, they spell and speak the olde British tongue. Flavors is spelled, "flavours." Colors is spelled, "colours..." It's how he wrote it when he wrote it.

We modernized the name of the book for the website domain name of:
(Check out the website for more info.)

Coyote said there are a lot of writings in this book that surprised him. "I've changed a lot since my teenage years," Coyote professes.

This is Coyote's first book of poetry and contains several poems from his San Diego State College poetry classes.

This is the 'dark' period of Coyote's life, so the poetry is darkly experimental.
Sample poem from Autumn Flavours

Probably best read by persons 13 years or older.


Coyote Poetry Podcasts

Many of the AMERICAN ZEN BUDDHIST ROCK PODCASTS contain poetry readings. The Coyote also reads his lyrics, which sometimes is rather amusing.

COYOTE POETRY PODCASTS are produced once per year as Coyote reads and publishes a new book of poetry.

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