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BOOK by Buddha Z
4 Noble Truths Explained - Book 1 of 8
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American Zen
End of the Line album
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American Zen
LEVEL 4 website
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History of Zen from A to Z
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Masonic Kung Fu novel
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3rd album of LOVE by American Zen released
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Sid's Place NOVEL by The Hippy Coyote
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2nd Album by America's FIrst Buddhist Rock Band, American Zen
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Utah Phase 1 = The Poetry of Level 1 + Level 2 of American Zen
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4 Noble Truths Explained - book 1 of 8

by Buddha Z

First of 8 books to teach Americans what Buddhism is.

The "4 Noble Truths" are the heart and foundation of all Buddhism. When Siddhartha Gautama sat under the Bodhi Tree he created the "4 Noble Truths" which made him the first Buddhism of the Original Buddhism.

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Dance Songs of the Homeless

11 ROCK & ROLL songs

Recorded in Coyote's truck. That's where he wrote the songs. That's where he practiced them, with applause from his neighbors.

Coyote plays all instruments: drums, bass, guitars, flutes, percussion, and vocals. (Even the girl vocal in "Honor and Obey, Cherish and Protect" is Coyote singing.)

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LEVEL 4 Website of American Zen
Now at

Coyote performing in Tujunga California20 webpages of American Zen's spiritual journeys of the Kung Fu Cowboy.

This website was created for the release of the 4th album by American Zen:
LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1: King Solomon's Temple.

This album tells the story of Hiram Abif and King Solomon during the building of the original Hebrew Temple. Coyote became a 3rd Degree Master Mason during the recording of the album and transformed his own life story into a rock opera about Hiram Abif's murder, and King Solomon's loss of a close friend.

This LEVEL 4 website includes products offered elsewhere here in but has a distinctive look that we decided to include within this website.

The HOMEPAGE of this LEVEL 4 website includes a download for the entire Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1 album and song buttons Free Sample for sampling and downloading the songs individually.

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History of Zen from A to Z

Satan dictates to Buddha ZhenIncluding the Meaning of Life,
Creation of Heaven, Hell,
Humans and Earth...

by Richard Del Connor
"Buddha Zhen"

cowritten by Saten (Satan)

Here is the newest truth that will revolutionize traditional thinking as it exposes 4,000 years of spiritual coverups and human heresy, according to his "inside source."
Co-written by "Saten?" (Satan said he wanted a new spelling for his new image.) Richard awoke to see and hear a group of Angels gathered around God at their center, talking.

Unable to go back to sleep, "They wouldn't stop talking," Richard wrote this unique view of history. Saten explained that the letters of the alphabet were originally the sounds used to teach God's "pets" to talk. Evidently, the angels taught the "C"-things to communicate -- without God's approval.

The story of Adam and Eve is revealed including: Saten's tempting of Eve in the Garden of Eden. Other stories include, the Tower of Babel, and a new version of the creation of Zen Buddhism by Bodhidharma -- with Saten alongside.

Christians will marvel at this new spiritual story, Saten's version of the angels, "falling from Heaven," as well as the many other biblical stories he communicated to author, Richard Del Connor. "The Great Deceiver," or "King of Lies," can be believed or disbelieved -- it's up to you. He says he was just following God's instructions.

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Masonic Kung Fu BOOK 1

A book about teenagers in China?

Head shaving initiationThey spy on Freemason secret rituals and create a Kung Fu Form?

On June 9, 2009, Coyote, a.k.a. "Buddha Zhen," discovered that the world famous Kung Fu Form, "Lian Bu / Ling Po / Lien Bu," is encoded with secret symbols and handsigns of modern masonry.

Coyote had become a 3rd Degree Master Mason, February 2009. While practicing for his "3rd Degree Proficiency," he discovered that...

So Richard Del Connor wrote a book based on true stories during the Japanese invasion of Japan in 1937 and 1938. Death, murder, rape, Buddhist head shaving ceremonies, Freemason rituals, Japanese invasion and a British Freemason captured and tortured.

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Sid's Place novel book cover.LEVEL 3 =

LEVEL 1 = survival and search for stability...

LEVEL 2 = religion in your life

LEVEL 3 = ALL religions in your life. ALL prejudice...

When you are capable of love, you are capable of rising to LEVEL 3 in Zen Buddhism.

When the Original Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, was enlightened under the Bodhi tree, he became a "Buddha." The word, "Buddha," translates to, "Enlightened Person."

Take a glimpse at what enlightenment is. Get LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME, by American Zen.

Produced by Richard Del Connor for Shaolin Records.

11 songs + 12 poems by The Hippy Coyote

Sid's Place novel book cover.Sid's Place NOVEL by The Hippy Coyote

If you survived the sixties as more than a "jock," or a "sosh," you'll enjoy all the flashbacks in this book about L.S.D. tripping and keg parties. The real woodstock generation stories. Where did the hippies come from?

Hang out with the real hippies of 1969. The last of the peaceniks. As the war on drugs became a civil war, as terrorists sought to disrupt the American war machine, and as people tried to think independently and sever themselves from the previous generation...

Christ Killer CD by American Zen

2nd Album by
America's First Buddhist Rock Band
American Zen

There are still some copies of the FIRST RELEASE CDs.
They have a special notice printed on the CDs... sells Shaolin Records products

Utah Phase 1 = The Poetry of Level 1 + Level 2 of American Zen

Utah Phase 1 Book  Cover

This poetic journal of The Coyote's epic battle in the spiritual brineland of Salt Lake City, includes the lyric sheets used by American Zen to learn/rehearse/and record the songs of their first two albums.

Some of the poems included in UTAH PHASE 1 having not been recited or recorded, are presented for the first time ever in this collection of poems and lyrics written by The Hippy Coyote.



CoyotePodcast.comIt took 20 episodes to tell the story of LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind.

It took even more than that, as Coyote became the human guinea pig for

This led to the transformation of The Coyote into The Hippy Coyote, Richard O'Connor back to Richard Del Connor, and Master Zhen to Buddha Zhen.

He also wrote a couple of books and learned some amazing insights about human nature as he sought to understand the foundations of personal motivation.

Check out the Coyote grey matter at:


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