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Enlightenment From Masonry
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Poetry Book: Utah - Phase 1
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Poetry Book: Autumn Flavours
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CD or Album Download: LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
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CD or Album Download: LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer
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Podcast: American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast L2
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America's First Buddhist Rock Band, American ZenEnlightenment From Masonry

Masonry is ancient construction.

Ancient construction used stone, since concrete hadn't been invented yet.

Stones require a lot of work to fit them together.

Designing a building requires knowledge and experience.

Knowledge and experience are difficult to attain, even when they are readily available.

A person who attains skill and knowledge is a Master.

An expert architect was a Master Mason.

Masons were needed worldwide to build things. There knowledge was passed from Master to Disciple--just like Kung Fu.

Freemasonry or Speculitive Masonry, transforms the tools of ancient masonry into symbols that can enhance a man's life and make him a better person. When a Master Mason built a building, it was for the people, more than the King. So a Mason lives for more than an employer, he lives for the community.

Modern Masonry of the Free & Accepted Masons, is about "MAKING GOOD MEN BETTER."

Kung Fu Cowboy album coverRichard Del Connor was the Organist of his Mason Lodge 513 in 2009. We will share with you many of the helpful and insightful teachings of Masonry. The newest album, LEVEL 4 = KUNG FU COWBOY PART 1: King Solomon's Temple, will provide more information than you've ever encountered about Freemasonry as Coyote incorporates these teachings into his life.


Album Download

Level 3 =
I Want You To Love Me

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote
$8.88 Album Download
Buy Now + Download Now

Composer: The Hippy Coyote
Artist: American Zen
Formats: CD, or MP3 192kb (album or individual songs)
Genres: Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Spoken Word, Bass Poetry, Rock & Roll, Surf Music

When the Original Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, he was rising into LEVEL 3.

LEVEL 3 is about true love. Beyond religion. Beyond race. Beyond nationality.

No one involved in the Iraq war is even on LEVEL 2 because religion forbids killing and hurting other people. Since all people are children of God, any human you hurt makes you an enemy of God.

This puts all war lovers at the very bottom of LEVEL 1.


Poetry Book

Utah - Phase 1

Utah Phase 1 Poetry Book by The Hippy Coyote
$12.88 PDF Download
Buy Now = Download Now

Author: The Hippy Coyote
Formats Available: PDF Download, Paperback, Hardcover
Genres: Poetry, Lyrics, Autobiography
Publisher: Shaolin Communications

The lyrics to most of Coyote's songs are poetry worth reading without the music. Bizarre, creative, and insightful -- from Coyote's unique ability of seeing / living / experiencing / interpreting life.

This poetry book, Utah - Phase 1, was the precursor of what would become the 8 LEVELS of American Zen's Buddhist Journey.

This is a scanned copy of Coyote's ORIGINAL draft with his own editorial notes about each poem handwritten on the bottom of each page.

"A Long Way Home" depicts Coyote's desire to return to California. "Free The Change" criticizes the Mormon robotic mind. "Simple Lady" finds Coyote remembering peaceful moments in his life to escape his discomforts.

This path of enlightenment includes both the LEVEL 1 and the LEVEL 2 albums of American Zen, America's first Buddhist rock band.

It's not nirvana, but Coyote shows some significant spiritual growth from the poems in the beginning of the book, compared to those at the end.


Poetry Book

Autumn Flavours

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote
Coyote's first book of poetry.

Download Now!

Sample poem from book

Formats:   PDF Download, Paperback, Hardcover
Genres:   Poetry

Description:   Coyote graduated High School in St. John's, Newfoundland. There, on that remote arctic island, they spell and speak the olde British tongue. Flavors is spelled, "flavours." Colors is spelled, "colours..." It's how he wrote it when he wrote it.

We modernized the name of the book for the website domain name of:
(Check out the website for more info.)

Coyote said there are a lot of writings in this book that surprised him. "I've changed a lot since my teenage years," Coyote professes.

This is Coyote's first book of poetry and contains several poems from his San Diego State College poetry classes.

This is the 'dark' period of Coyote's life, so the poetry is darkly experimental.
Sample poem from Autumn Flavours

Probably best read by persons 13 years or older.


CD or Album Download

Level 1 =
Peace Of Mind

Join the Zen Journey with Coyote
Buy Now + Download Now

Composer: The Coyote
Artist: American Zen
Formats: CD, MP3 192kb
Genres: Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Spoken Word

Recorded in Utah, Coyote's bandmates made two pilgrimages to help him complete this 4-track masterpiece.

"We had to rely on performances," explains bassist Tom. "It was a challenge to record 4-track. We had to record our vocals as we played our instruments."

Tom plays a 1977 analog synthesizer for his bass when he plays the Vox organ.

American Zen's quest for enlightenment is also their professional and artistic challenge. Let's see how spiritual growth looks!

"Is it like a fungus?"

No Tom.



American Zen
Buddhist Rock
"Coyote Radio .NET"

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote

Get your Podcasts at
Coyote Radio .net


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DJ - Host: The Coyote
Formats: mp4
Genres: Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Spoken Word, Music Podcast
Topics: American Zen's 4th album, LEVEL 4 = KUNG FU COWBOY PART 1: KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE, life of The Hippy Coyote, Shaolin Kung Fu, Yang Style Tai Chi, music business, Holy Bible, Quoran, Hebrews, family, Confucious, Bodhidharma, Shakyamuni Buddha, Catholics, Chinese, health, living, life purposes
Podcast Completion Date of L4 Series; ____

After a year of recording two albums for Shaolin Records, The Hippy Coyote is returning in new form with new purpose.

The spiritual evolution of American Zen continues by adding the ethics and values of Freemasonry. Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote, has become a Master Mason. The lessons he learns are shared here.

Reading from the webpages of American Zen's OFFICIAL WEBSITE, Coyote READS THE WEBSTORIES he wrote and explains the legend of King Solomon's Temple and how the head architect, Hiram Abif, was killed by three Fellowcraf, 2nd Degree Masons.

Follow along to see what it is like to live a spiritual life.

Follow along to enhance your own life.

Follow along to see the world and reality from a different point of view.


Album Download

Level 2 = Christ Killer

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote
$8.88 MPG Download
Buy Now + Download Now

Composer: The Coyote
Artist: American Zen
Formats: CD, mp3 Download (192kb = highest quality)
Genres: Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, Acoustic

Recorded in Utah, the 4-track master was brought back to California when Coyote fled the beehive state.

Completed in early 2007, this album shows an evolution in Coyote's flute playing. Check out "God Will Protect," "Great Salt Lake," and the title song, "Christ Killer," which has a very bizarre flute melody. Yes, this is the same $75 nickel flute that Coyote used on the CD, LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind.

This album criticizes the Mormon religion, the Church of Latter Day Saints by depicting their religious world in songs and lyrics. "Land Of Mediocrity," is hauntingly lovely and accurate.

The poetry book, Utah - Phase 1, includes lyric sheets and the poetry from this CD and the first album, LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind.


American Zen


America's First Buddhist Rock Band Follow the 8 Level Buddhist journey of American Zen Folk Rock
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